Why GlamAdapt?

Next Generation Technology

Ad Server 3.0 finally shows up to complement Web 3.0 with GlamAdapt. The GlamAdapt platform is designed to meet the needs of today's complex digital advertising marketplace. At GlamAdapt's core is an innovative ad server architecture designed to deliver high impact campaigns across distributed media sources and multiple digital channels. Built with the unique needs of Brand Marketers in mind, GlamAdapt includes the broadest range of audience definition and targeting options, and combines these with standardized support for measurement and optimization of user engagement metrics. With Cross-Channel Campaign Management, publishers can manage web, mobile, and video campaigns from a single tool, with common targeting, analytics, and campaign rules.



Designed for buying and selling audiences at internet scale, GlamAdapt makes it easy to design high impact campaigns that can deliver across networks of sites, with built-in controls for mixed layouts and ad units. GlamAdapt's multi-targeting features enable complex campaigns that can combine Behavioral, Contextual, UV/Pollen, Geo, Retail Consumption, and cookie-based targeting with multiple creative packaging options, allowing advertisers to reach the most valuable users with high impact executions. GlamAdapt features an open Targeting Services API that allows the easy integration of first- and third- party data, enabling the creation of new, custom audiences on the fly.

Engagement Insights

The platform's GlamAdapt Evolution Dashboard provides advanced engagement analytics-correlating content, audience, interaction, and creatives for real-time optimization and audience insight that turns campaign measurement into actionable insights. GlamAdapt's ContentRank and AudienceRank analytic tools provide insights into historical performance of site, pages, and ad units by industry vertical. The ad server's extensible optimization architecture enables custom optimization to be deployed for newly defined brand metrics, opening the door to rapid innovation in digital brand metrics and new ways to package and sell inventory.

First Open “Advertising Apps” Platform

GlamAdapt's open platform works with technology providers to drive innovation and rapid adoption of products with high impact for premium brands, agencies, and publishers. Public, web services APIs allow seamless integration of Creative, Targeting, Measurement, and DSP/RTB partner capabilities.

Premium Exchange

Glam Media's #8 global marketplace provides scale access to social, contextual, and vertical supply sources. GlamAdapt's Premium Exchange services provide support for real-time bidding, expandable and template-integrated creative executions, companion ads, and Share of Voice (SOV) buying.

Industry Compliant

GlamAdapt is a certified ad serving technology, having met the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Media Ratings Council’s (MRC) qualifications for membership. As a leader in digital advertising solutions, Glam Media strives to be a participating member of organizations and communities who further the growth of online advertising and media buying and our compliance and memberships are a testament to our commitment to brand advertising online. GlamAdapt’s Description of Methodology, which summarizes the ad impressions measurement process used by the GlamAdapt ad server, can be found here and our full list of certifications and memberships can be found here.